Sunday, March 9, 2014


So a (long) while ago my momma, gave me a bag of scrap fabric to use. As I dug through, I found one of my daddies old shirts.
 It was too big for me to wear, let alone my husband. So what did I do with  it?!

 I Cut It Up!!!

I found a blog where the girl cut up her husbands old button up shirts and made skirts out of them. After looking it over I saw that it was soooooooo easy. So I did it. :)

I made a tie on it from the sleeves (it would have worked better if they where long sleeves but oh well work with what you have.) I love it. I wear it to church and when I go out and about. It's a great picknic skirt, and I'm on the look out for more button ups to transform. :)

Also the sleeves made a great hat. lol

Also last Easter, I made my Niece and Nephew some cute little gifts.....

An old bed sheet, and an old lace curtain made a cute tie and skirt for them. :)

 My Nephew Liked His Tie!

 Well that's all for now. TaTa For Now.

 Happy Crafting!!!!


Button Up Skirt           Little Guy Neck Tie